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About Us

 Our History   (Click here for an indepth look at the history of Mennonites)

The Pineview Mennonite Church began as a mission effort of the Pigeon River Mennonite Church in Pigeon. The first service of the "Mennonite Gospel Mission," as it was known then, was held in a local schoolhouse in August of 1938. A new meetinghouse was built in 1950 to meet the needs of the growing congregation. Since then other additions have been made, both to the building and to the church family.

Pineview Mennonite Church is part of the Anabaptist expression of Christian faith that began in 1525, soon after the Reformation. "Anabaptist" is a term meaning "re-baptism," given to this group of believers due to their emphasis on baptizing only believers who could make a "good confession" of faith. Since they had already been baptized in the other churches, they were being re-baptized. One of the early leaders of this group of believers was a man named Menno Simons. Since he was a gifted organizer and leader the group (reluctantly) became known as "Mennonites." The Mennonites followed most other churches in core orthodox beliefs, such as the Trinity, the Virgin Birth of Christ, the deity of Jesus, and salvation by grace through faith, but emphasized baptism of believers, a clear demarcation of church and state, disciplined congregations, and non-resistance to evil. The last emphasis of non-resistance would not allow them to retaliate against those seeking to harm them, so the Mennonites soon fled persecution in Europe for other parts of the world.

Today the Mennonite Church is a world-wide body of believers with many and varied local expressions of diversity in practice and belief. We invite you to join us for worship and fellowship, and welcome your questions about our expression of Christian faith and practice.